Founded in 1983

The new Chapter

In the heart of Hayward, California, a brewing legend is reborn. After a temporary closure in June of the previous year, America's first brew pub, Buffalo Bill's Brewery, is back and better than ever. On August 7th, the doors swung open once again, marking the return of a brewing legacy that has spanned four decades at 1082 B St. in downtown Hayward.

The torchbearer of this historic revival is Alejandro Gamarra, the visionary owner of The Mexican Restaurant and Bar, Casa Del Toro and the esteemed local taqueria empire, Metro Taquero. With an appetite for preserving history and a passion for the community, Alejandro has taken on the mantle of Buffalo Bill’s Brewery. Alejandro Gamarra, who embarked on his restaurant journey three decades ago with a humble taco truck, sees Buffalo Bill’s Brewery as more than just a business venture. He views it as an integral part of Hayward’s identity, a place where history and heritage flow as smoothly as the beer on tap.

As Buffalo Bill’s Brewery embarks on this exciting new chapter, it remains committed to its roots. Keeping Buffalo Bill’s house favorites and legacy beers including the iconic Tasmanian Devil imperial ale and a seasonal pumpkin ale that proudly claims the title of America’s first. There are no plans to alter the 600-barrel-per-year brewing setup, but there is room for innovation.  Expect to savor Latin American influences in the form of Mexican-style Vienna lagers and brews infused with tamarind, all while preserving the production of the core brews that have captured hearts for years.

And let’s not forget the food, a well crafted pub menu that pairs perfectly with the brews. From hot sandwiches and fresh salads to delectable burgers made with Durham Ranch beef, your taste buds are in for a treat. Don’t miss out on the jalapeño poppers adorned with cotija cheese, or the mouthwatering pizzas with options ranging from classic pepperoni to Greek with kalamata olives and feta cheese.

The welcoming ambiance of Buffalo Bill’s Brewery remains intact, with 150 indoor seats and 120 outdoor seats, bathed in the warm glow of string lights overhead, providing ample space to enjoy great company and even greater beer.

Buffalo Bill's Brewery is more than a place to enjoy exceptional beer; it's a living testament to the passion and dedication of those who craft it.

Alejandro Gamarra

Join us in celebrating a brewing legacy that honors tradition while embracing the spirit of innovation. Raise a glass to history, heritage, and the enduring legacy of Buffalo Bill's Brewery in Hayward, California.

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