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Black Lager

8 IBU 6.1% ABV

Flavor Profile

A blend of dark malts and roasted barley give this black beer deep notes of chocolate and coffee. A hint of sweetness gives way to a clean finish making this a very crushable beer.


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Welcome to our Home-Brewed Beer Menu, where we’ve brewed up a world of flavors with passion, respect for tradition, and a commitment to making great-tasting beer for everyone to enjoy.


8 IBU 6.1% ABV

Flavor Profile

Dive into the deep, dark richness of our Black Lager. Crafted with a unique blend of roasted malts, this lager delivers a smooth, complex flavor profile.

Haystack Hazy Ipa

30 IBU | 6.5% ABV

Flavor Profile

The Hazy IPA's velvety mouthfeel and a subtle hint of sweetness with a blend of aromatic hops, it offers an explosion of juicy, tropical fruit flavors, balanced by a gentle, smooth bitterness.


32 IBU | 7.8% ABV

Flavor Profile

Malt forward strong Imperial Ale is tempered by a judicious amount of hops to give it balance while retaining its mouth feel of malt. A standard & favorite at our pub for many years, lightly dry hopped foraromatics.


10 IBU 5.5% ABV

Flavor Profile

Brewed with pilsner, Vienna and oat malts, this blonde is light bodied with pleasant frutiness derived from the use of a distinctive yeast strain. Wakarusa hops from New Zealand contribute floral and citrus notes.

Alimony IPA

70IBU | 6.8% ABV

Flavor Profile

West Coast style IPA brewed with over 20% Rye malt. This WestCoast style inspired IPA is assertively. Dry hopped with Yakima Valley, WA hops for a huge hop aroma.


33 IBU | 7.2% ABV

Flavor Profile

An English pub style Red Ale brewed w/ primarily Pale Malt w/additionsof Crystal (caramel) malts for its rich flavor & color. A malt forward Ale, moderately hopped w/classic British East KentGolding.


8 IBU | 4.5% ABV

Flavor Profile

An American twist on German Hefeweizen, featuring 50% Wheat Malt. Lightly hopped, the yeast shines with notes of banana, vanilla, and clove. Its unfiltered, cloudy appearance retains the yeast in suspension.

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